Beautiful intricate paper cut designs




Louise McLaren is a designer and maker of beautiful, intricate paper cut images.

An Architect by training, she studied at The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, part
of Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen and practiced in rural Perthshire before
branching into paper craft and following her passion for making handcrafted objects.

Louise is fascinated by the contradiction and contrast that is implicit in the craft of paper
cutting; a single sheet of paper which, using only the simple notion of positive and
negative space, is transformed into a delicate, highly intricate, patterned image.

Louise seeks to capture and celebrate the human inner voice in her work; the inherent
thread of emotions and dreams that runs through each of us, defines us and tells of our
desires, experiences and life. She uses fragments of text capturing these thoughts as
the starting point of each design.

Louise's paper cutting skills are entirely self taught and her choice of paper and cutting
tool has been won through a process of trial and error.

She draws and cuts each piece by hand, cherishing the character and idiosyncrasies
that appear in her work as a result of the process and firmly believing that's where the
beauty and individuality of hand crafted objects lies.